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Gastritis Diet

Gastritis diet is recommended to the people suffering from the inflammation of stomach lining that is known as ‘gastritis’ in clinical terms. Other symptoms for gastritis are stomach pain, nausea, vomiting and bloating in abdomen. All these sufferings may be the results of excess consumption of alcohol, severe infections and prolonged consumption of anti-inflammatory medicines like aspirin. Various other disorders like anti-immune disorder or anemia can cause gastritis.

A diet modification along with changes in lifestyle is the main solution to the problem of gastritis. As this problem is related to stomach inflammation, the diet for gastritis should constitute light foods that are easily digested and less acidic. However, severe inflammation with bleeding vomiting and hard stools should be attended to immediately by the medical expert.

Gastritis Diet: Recommendations

Diet plays a major role in inhibiting the problem of gastritis. Here is the list of foods that should be included or avoided in the diet designed for gastritis:

  • Milk and dairy products – The amount of milk and milk products should be curtailed and restricted to only 2-3 servings daily. The consumption of low-fat dairy products allows the stomach to form less acid and also controls the accumulation of fat.
  • Spices and peppers – All kind of peppers like red, black and green should be eliminated from the diet as they may cause burning sensation in the stomach. Chili powder and spices should also be avoided in order to reduce stomach inflammation.
  • Caffeine – It is one product that may highly induce the formation of acid in stomach. Colas, tea, coffee and even chocolate contain caffeine, and hence are avoided.
  • Alcohol – Alcohol, a hard drink has the capacity to worsen the gastritis condition. Alcohol has inflammatory properties that form acid in the stomach lining and give rise to burning sensation. The consumtion of alcohol should be completely eliminated or restricted to 2-3 drinks per week.
  • Citrus foods – Tomatoes, lemon and other citrus fruits and juices should be highly avoided to stop the heartburn or esophagus pain. Onion, garlic and even cinnamon may sometimes upset the stomach if consumed in excess, therefore the consumption should be restricted.
  • High fiber foods – These foods are highly recommended in gastritis diet as they do not cause any acidity and stomach pain. Even ulcer patients can easily consume these foods. Fruits and vegetables with skin, whole-grain foods and beans are the main sources of dietary fiber.
  • Acidic foods – Broccoli, milk, onion, cabbage and even some fruits contain acids that form gas in the stomach. All these foods should be strictly avoided as they may worse the condition.

It is also necessary to change the eating habits in order to ease gastritis. Slow chewing and smaller meals in every 3 hours are the best recommendations of gastritis patient. It is also suggested that overloading the stomach may aggravate the problem.

Suggested Gastritis Foods and Drinks


Caffeine-free drinks, less-acidic juices, herbal teas and water - 6-8 servings per day

To avoid: Alcoholic drinks, cocoa drinks, peppermint drinks, regular coffee and tea

Breads and Starches

Whole-wheat pasta, noodles, breads, crackers, mashed potato and rice – 3-4 servings per day

To avoid: French fries, tacos, chili pepper bagels


Apple, peach, banana, grapes, pear, melon and berries – 2-4 servings daily

To avoid: Orange and grapefruit juice; lemonade


Green leafy vegetables, salad greens – 2-4 servings daily

To avoid: Broccoli, cabbage, peppers, hot chilies, tomatoes and pickled vegetables

Meat/Meat Substitutes

Soft meat, turkey, fish, tofu, low-fat cottage cheese and soft cooked eggs – 2-4 servings per day

To avoid: Fried and seasoned meats; dried cooked kidney beans

Milk/ Dairy Products

Low-fat milk, yoghurt, cream and pudding – 2-3 servings daily

To avoid: Chocolate milk drinks, half and half, heavy cream and flavored cheese with pepper


Any oil (safflower, olive, corn and vegetable), low fat butter and margarine; salad dressing without spices – 2-4 servings per day

To avoid: Guacamole dip, bacon, almonds, peauts

Note: The foods listed as non-recommended should be avoided only if causing pain and inflammation.

Other foods that should be avoided in gastritis are gelatin based desserts, pickles, seasonings and salt-cured meats.


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