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Forever Young Diet

Forever Young Diet and Lifestyle is a meticulously designed scientific program that promises to help restore the vitality and youthful vigour back into one’s life. It is all about improving one’s quality of life, optimizing the health status and enhancing longevity. This is a specialised diet and lifestyle regimen created by Dr James O’Keefe, MD along with his wife Joan O’Keefe, RD. The highlight of this program is that it is based on a simple logical plan that encourages the use of fresh and readily available foods that are nutritious and at the same time satiating. The Forever Young Diet Plan reiterates our belief in the holistic, practical and natural way of life.


Over the years there has been a dramatic change in terms of the diet and lifestyle that human beings have been following. Modernisation and technical advancements have led to sedentary lifestyles vastly different from the intensely activity oriented hunter-gatherer lifestyle that our forefathers followed many centuries ago. That was perhaps what was responsible for their fitness and stamina, a feature lacking in most people of the present generation. With the invasion of gadgets like TV, computers, automobiles our lives have no doubt become more comfortable but also much less active, one of the principle reasons for several lifestyle diseases like cardiovascular concerns, diabetes, hypertension and cancer. While our genetic composition remains unaltered, it is the dietary and lifestyle practices that differentiate us from our hale and hearty ancestors.

Features of the Forever Young Diet Plan

Through the Forever Young Diet Plan, Dr James and his wife Joan, encourage people to tread the path back, following the body’s natural needs to regain similar energy levels, stamina and health as our early ancestors.

  1. Simplicity is central to this regimen, by following simple techniques one can lose excess body weight, feel younger and more active.
  2. 3-4 meals a day are allowed and the perfect combination recommended is 2 colours of vegetable or fruit and 1 protein- eg. Breakfast – A lean protein + (carrot & broccoli) or (strawberries and blueberries). Same pattern may be followed for all meals.
  3. Portion control is essential, all meals should be of same size, use of smaller plates and spoons may help.
  4. Breakfast cannot be skipped or missed. It is the most important beginning to the day to kick-start the metabolism.
  5. Variety in all meals is important. Fresh fruits and vegetables must form an integral part of every meal.
  6. Lean protein must be included in restricted amounts at every meal. Good protein sources that one may choose from- fish, poultry, lean meats, nuts, egg whites, whey protein powder, mozzarella or low-fat cottage cheese or low-fat yoghurt.
  7. 4-5 servings of fresh vegetables and three-four servings of fruits per day are suggested. Fresher and colourful choices are desirable.
  8. All refined carbohydrates and simple sugars, white flour, polished rice, potatoes, all kinds of sweets and saturated fats are to be strictly avoided. Instead, fruits are the safest dessert option. Whole grain cereals, whole wheat flour, wild rice and brown rice make for healthy choices.
  9. Coffee intake should be limited. Decaffeinated green tea is preferable and two or more cups can be consumed. Carbonated sugary drinks are not allowed.
  10. Red wine is the best option owing to the health benefits it is associated with, that too in moderation following an initial two-week restraint.
  11. While women require at least 2 cups of non-fat milk per day, men can have up to 1 cup.
  12. One scoop of whey protein powder (with no sugar) in soy milk (unsweetened), low-fat milk or plain water can be consumed up to two times a day.
  13. Including soy products in any form up to 2 servings per day is recommended.
  14. TV viewing during meals is strictly prohibited.
  15. No food consumption is allowed beyond 8 pm as these calories are more likely to be accumulated as body fat stores.
  16. At least one litre of water to be consumed in a day if not more.
  17. Multivitamin supplements providing approximately 400-800 IU of Vitamin D per day as well as fish oil supplements and calcium for women is recommended.
  18. Strength training and muscle building exercises to be incorporated into a well-planned daily exercise regime. At least 30-45 minutes of everyday physical activity of moderate intensity is highly recommended.

Benefits of Forever Young Diet

Following such a prudent diet will definitely have its multiple benefits-

  • Satisfying and simple to follow and adhere to, for long term benefits
  • Stress-free weight loss
  • Improved metabolism and hence better energy levels
  • Improves Concentration and focus
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Restores a natural youthful radiance and glow.

Thus The Forever Young Diet and Lifestyle Program is the ideal way to de-stress, lose weight, feel younger, stronger, fitter and rejuvenated in an easy and fun manner.