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Endometriosis Diet

Endometriosis diet refers to the foods that are mainly consumed to avoid endometriosis, a condition which is developed due to the deficiency of estrogen in the body. Prostaglandin synthesis is given as one of the viable reasons for the condition. The endometriosis often results in painful menstrual cycle. It has been found that strict diet patterns aid in curbing the severity of the condition.

The diet rich in Omega-3 fatty acids are normally recommended for the problem because it boosts the production of good types of prostaglandin and also enhances the oil absorption capacity of the body.

Endometriosis Diet Program: Requirements
A well balanced diet is often projected as the prime requirement to curb the severity of the condition. Thus, the Endometriosis diet rich in vitamins and minerals is generally recommended. Other than that consumption of foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids like Flax seeds oil, walnut oil, fish oils are largely encouraged. The consumption of saturated fats is largely discouraged because they produce bad prostaglandins. Apart from the elimination of bad prostaglandin boosters, the foods rich in fiber like grains and oats are also advised because they aid in digestion and inhibit the total circulation of estrogens in the body. Vegetables like turnips, cabbages and broccoli are usually included in the endometriosis diet.

The consumption of red meats is strongly prohibited by food scientists because they aid in promotion of negative prostaglandins. The foods like cakes, breads, alcohol, soda, cheese, and milk are strongly advised against because they can aggravate the condition. As most of these food products have high amount of starch which may lead to abnormality in blood sugar levels thereby aggravating the situation and making it worse.

Similarly the intake of Saturated and Trans-fats are also strongly advised against, because they stimulate bad prostaglandins.

Endometriosis Diet Recipes
Author Carolyn Levett in her book “Recipes for Endometriosis Diet” suggests recipes which can alleviate the symptoms of endometriosis and aid in curbing the severity of situation. Following are some of the recipes which are included as the part of Endometriosis diet:

  • Rice Milk: This sweet dish is prepared by processing the freshly cooked rice in blender. The solids in the rice are strained off and the remaining liquid is sweetened, and flavored with vanilla. The milk can remain fresh for about 3-5 days if stored in refrigerator.
  • Nut Butter: This Endometriosis diet recipe can be easily prepared in the food processor. The desired nuts like peanuts; hazelnuts etc are blended in the processor and mixed with oil to make this butter. The butter can remain fresh for longer time if stored in air tight container.