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Dottis Weight Loss Diet

Dottis Weight Loss Diet is essentially based on the principles of the Weight Watcher’s diet and follows the same technique of losing excess body weight through calorie control. Dotti Koon created the Dottis Weight Loss Zone which acts as a useful resource for all individuals aiming to lose excess body weight and encourages them in this process. Portion control may be viewed as the modus operandi of Dottis weight loss plan.


Being an overweight person herself at one point of time, Dotti understood the significance of achieving one’s weight loss goals and set out to help other people realize their goals too. The positive changes she noticed in herself after reaching her target in the year 1998, such as improved energy levels, greater self-esteem as well as better general health and wellbeing urged her to promote the Weight Watcher’s diet and extend a helping hand to others who needed it.

Features of Dottis Weight Loss Diet

  • Dottis weight loss plan provided some very useful instructions as to how one can simplify and adapt the weight watcher’s program and this had a great deal to do with controlling portion sizes.
  • Some persons find it troublesome to change to a whole new diet system and in such situations if modifications in their existing diet were sufficient to achieve weight loss, they wouldn’t mind making those changes for improving their health.
  • Starting with small changes like reducing the quantity of certain foods in the normal diet: eg. instead of having 2 servings of red meat, having 1 serving of lean meat along with a bowl of raw vegetable salad would help. Here the portion size is halved and a healthier fresh salad is added on to provide more nutrients.
  • Through her website, books and cd’s Dotti has managed to change the lives of many. Emphasis is laid on bringing about lifestyle changes. She advocates-
  1. Stress management
  2. Use of Mind power for healing
  3. Control on social drinking habits
  4. Stopping cravings
  5. Stopping midnight snacking
  6. Self-control to shrink the stomach
  7. Weight loss for life.
  • Overall, the weight loss process is treated less as a task and more as an activity one can enjoy.

Benefits of Dottis Weight Loss Diet

  • This is quite unlike following any other diet. Instead of restricting foods one enjoys, Dottis believes in smaller servings to ensure that one does not feel deprived or disheartened.
  • By providing a comprehensive recipe base, Dottis Weight Loss guides people to effective weight loss following these simple recipes and tips.
  • Dottis provides a forum where people can come together and discuss their individual weight concerns and perhaps find a solution to their problems too.
  • Motivational messages can be exchanged, experiences shared and secrets revealed which others too can follow practically to achieve success.
  • By providing interesting features such as BMI [Body Mass Index] calculators, food scoring applications Dottis makes the weight loss journey interesting and self-motivating.


Several attempts have been made to mimic Dottis weight loss plan but without much success. This is a unique and endearing plan only because Dotti has made it so.