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Dandruff Diet

Dandruff diet is recommended for people who suffer from dandruff, an itchy skin condition of the scalp which is highly common. The condition is generally a result of the growth process of the skin cells of the scalp. Normally, the dead old cells are sloughed off the scalp about once a month and the new cells are formed, but in a person suffering from a dandruff problem, the cells are sloughed even before they are dead and this makes the scalp dry, itchy and flaky.

Although dandruff is mostly a result of excessive use of hair products like gels and hair sprays, it can also be the result of internal issues like excessive fat and sugar consumption and hormonal imbalances. While there is no particular course of treatment for a dandruff problem, doctors do recommend some shampoos and light medication. Diet regulation is also advised, although there is no one set diet regime to be followed. The diet plan for a person suffering from a dandruff condition is generally tailor-made.

Main Features of Dandruff Diets

The fact that nutrition can play a very important role in dandruff control is stressed the most in Siegfried Gursche's 'Encyclopaedia of Natural Healing'. Although the diet plan is often custom-made, there are a few common features and inclusions.

Fresh fruits and foods: Instead of packed and processed products, the consumption of fresh food items and fruits is encouraged. While canned fruits, citrus foods and fruits and bananas are avoided, apples, pineapples and melons are recommended in large quantities.

Raw vegetables: Instead of cooking vegetables, they should be consumed raw for maximum benefit. It is believed that cooking leaches a lot of valuable nutrients from the vegetables and these nutrients, when consumed on daily basis, make sure that the scalp stays healthy and there is no unwanted fungal growth.

No Caffeine: Research has shown that the coffee greatly dehydrates the body and this can aggravate the dandruff problem by making the scalp skin dry and itchy. Coffee and tea consumption is strictly controlled and regulated.

Organic meat: Consumption of organically raised meat is greatly encouraged in a dandruff diet as it is believed that chemicals and medicines that the cattle raised in the conventional way ingest with their daily food can work towards throwing the bodily system out of balance. This can make the patients more susceptible to skin problems.


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