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Cysts Diet

A cysts diet refers to the diet to be followed for prevention and cure of cysts. Cysts are sacs or lumps filled with fluids, air or semi solids, which may be formed in any part of the body like kidney, ovary, breast, etc. Cysts are treated by piercing and draining or surgical removal, though they may sometimes subside on their own. A healthy diet specially designed for cysts helps in prevention and cure of cysts.

Cyst diets are prescribed depending upon the part of the body where the cyst has appeared. Here are two commonly prescribed cyst diets-

Kidney Cysts Diet

This is a diet plan for kidney cysts. The main features are as follows-

Amount of fluid intake should be increased, and the patient should consume as much water as possible Herbal teas like green tea, which support kidney filtration, are extremely beneficial in the condition of kidney cysts.

  • Tea, sugar, alcohol and carbonated drinks, which are diuretics, should be avoided. They put extra burden on kidney functioning and cause excessive loss of fluid and salt from the body.
  • An alkaline diet consisting of fruit and vegetable juices, brown rice, lemon juice and water should be followed. Acidic diet foods like wheat, sugar, dairy products and red meat should be avoided.
  • Processed and preserved foods should be avoided
  • Sodium intake should be reduced, which can best be done by eating less table salt.
  • Nutrient rich vegetable soups and broths should be included in the diet.

Ovarian Cysts Diet

The following diet plan is advised for people suffering from ovarian cysts-

  • Fresh vegetables and fruits: These provide the right nutrients and boost immunity, and are the most important part of the diet prescribed for ovarian cysts. Antioxidant rich vegetables like carrots and beetroots are especially recommended.
  • Meat and meat products should be avoided
  • Food supplements should be taken to make up for any nutrients being missed out in the diet.
  • Lots of fluids should be consumed, and the patient should drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day. Hydration helps in prevention of cyst formation.

Caution: A cysts diet is not a complete cure for cysts, and medical intervention and routine check-ups are an essential part of the treatment.


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