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Cholecystitis Diet

Cholecystitis Diet is a special kind of food plan formulated for people who suffer from inflammation of the gall bladder. The underlying reason can be diagnosed as an infection or injury as well as the formation of gall stones. However, it is prudent to follow the special diet along with taking the medicines prescribed by the medical professional.

Apart from aggravating the condition and hastening the recovery process, the diet, if followed diligently can also help to prevent recurrences of the condition.

Alcohol, fat laden foods and spicy preparations can act as irritants for the gall bladder hampering its normal actions. The diet, therefore, is based on the food products that can be digested easily without the aid of a surplus amount of bile juice. It is necessary to include such foods as the gall bladder remains incapable of secreting the proper amount of bile juice on account of cholecystitis.

Cholecystitis Diet: Characteristics

The diet includes food items completely free from saturated fats. Full cream dairy products are also best avoided for the same reason. Meat is usually not a part of the diet, however, the Americans and Europeans are accustomed to eating meat and are not entirely comfortable with the idea of subsiding on a strict vegetarian diet only. Many dieticians recommend poultry and fish instead of red meats as acceptable alternatives.

The foods recommended to be consumed by the diet include:-

  • Carbohydrates- Pasta, potatoes, whole grain cereals and rice
  • Dairy Products- Skimmed milk, plain yoghurt, cottage cheese.
  • Proteins- Chicken without skins, Lean cuts of meat, fish rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.

Non fibrous vegetables and fresh fruits are also recommended to be consumed as a part of the diet.

Cholecystitis: Dietary Restrictions

Alcohol consumption is absolutely forbidden by the proponents of the diet. The risk of gall stone formation has also been linked to excessive alcohol consumption. Other beverages that are restricted include caffeine based drinks which stimulate the nervous system increasing the pain associated with the condition. Other food products that are advised against includes:-

  • Fats- Buts, Fried foods, Ice-creams, Full cream milk, Confections
  • Protein- Red Meat like Pork, Beef and Lamb. Eggs and Nuts are also restricted.
  • Vegetables- Cauliflowers, broccoli and cabbages are difficult to digest and are not allowed when on the diet.

Cholecystitis Diet Plan

  • Breakfast- Oatmeal porridge, Whole grain bread, Fresh fruit juice and smoothies, cottage cheese salad, herbal tea.
  • Lunch- Rice or Pasta along with baked potato and chicken stew.
  • Dinner- Clear vegetable or chicken soup, Whole grain bread toast with grilled tuna salad. Low fat pudding with green tea without milk or sugar .


Chocolates are not permitted to be consumed by patients following a Cholecystitis Diet plan.