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Bronchitis Diet

Bronchitis diet is a specially formulated meal plan for those suffering from bronchitis or prone to the condition. Bronchitis is caused by the inflammation of the mucus passages that carry air to the lungs, causing respiratory problems and triggering symptoms like cough, chest discomfort, wheezing, fever, shortness of breath and fatigue. Bronchitis diet stresses on including lots of vegetables and fruits in the meals so as to increase the body’s immunity to the condition and the problems associated with it. People suffering from chronic bronchitis are recommended to stay on the diet for one whole week before returning to their regular healthy diet to accelerate the treatment of the condition.

Restricted Foods

During the Bronchitis diet, there are certain foods which should be avoided. They include -

  • Meats (except chicken)
  • Tea
  • Refined foods
  • Processed foods
  • White sugar, candies and sweets
  • White flour
  • Pickles
  • Condiments
  • Potentially mucus-causing foods like fried foods and dairy products.

Foods to Consume

A bronchitis diet should ideally be high in foods that are enriched with manganese, antioxidants, and fatty acids, all of which are effective in treating and preventing bronchitis. Here are some foods which are highly encouraged to be included in the diet –

  • Organic fruits
  • Organic vegetables
  • Coldwater fish
  • Walnuts

Fruits-Only Bronchitis Diet

Often, a bronchitis diet consisting only of assorted fruits is recommended for a week. This allows the person to recuperate sooner from bronchitis. However, in such a diet, it is important to ensure that all the fruits are fresh and raw. Cooked, processed or canned fruits are discouraged for this fruits-only bronchitis diet. Unsweetened lemon water is most recommended to be consumed during this period, when one is undergoing treatment for the ailment.

Bronchitis Diet Instructions

  • The daily diet plan for bronchitis should most definitely include a concoction made by mixing the juice of freshly squeezed lime and honey. This concoction should be consumed every morning.

  • The lunch should ideally pack in steamed vegetables.

  • For dinner, sprouted seeds, homemade cottage cheese and green salad is advised.

  • Fluids should make up a major portion of the bronchitis diet. Fluids facilitate the thinning of the secretions which ease up coughing. Vegetable soups made with carrots, zucchini, string beans and parsley are especially recommended. Chicken soup, which is especially known to thin mucus, may also be consumed. Use of herbs, garlic and ginger can speed up the healing process.