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Bowel Obstruction Diet

Bowel Obstruction Diet becomes a pre-requisite after the patient is diagnosed with partial intestinal blockage. A complete blockage requires immediate surgical intervention and a suitable diet can only be planned after the surgery. Certain types of food may ease the pain that occurs in bowel obstruction due to the normal passage of foods, fluid and gas being blocked. The condition causes inflammation of the affected area and the patient is subjected to intense pain which increases with food intake.

Eating foods that leave a minimum of residue are considered to be essential when bowel obstruction occurs. Fibrous foods and whole fruits with skin and pips along with foods that are stringy in nature may cause the condition to worsen. Some amount of fibers may be allowed when the obstruction is minimal with the amount of residue in diet gradually being decreased along with the severity of the intestinal blockage. A fluid diet is all that can pass through the intestine when the blockage is total.

Bowel Obstruction Diet: Characteristics

Intestinal blockage or obstruction is a serious condition and requires meticulous care especially when following a diet plan. Some of the most important facts that need to be remembered include:-

  • Small portions – Eating a large amount of food at a time might increase the discomfort and pain.
  • Snacking- Incorporating multiple snack during the course of the day helps in the passage of foods and fluids through the intestines without depriving the patient of nutrition.
  • Liquids- Consuming more of liquids instead of solid foods is believed to help relieve the pain and bloating. Juices and high calorie drinks are considered to be better than plain water as they contain the required vitamins and minerals.
  • Variety- Including several different types of food from all the essential groups help in providing essential nutrition to the body.
  • Supplements- Medical professionals advise including multi vitamin tablets or mineral supplements along with the daily intake of food.

Bowel Obstruction: Dietary Restrictions

  • Yoghurt or cheese encrusted with fruit pieces or seeds.
  • All kinds of beans including lentils and nuts.
  • Commercially available sausages and meat products encased within a casing.
  • Onions, sauerkraut, okra, bamboo shoots, radish and other vegetables considered to be fibrous.
  • Whole grains, brown rice, butter, vegetable oils and dried fruits or fruits along with their skins.

Bowel Obstruction Diet Plan

  • Breakfast- Fresh citrus fruit juice, Cornflakes, Rice Krispies or cream of wheat, Plain soft white bread with smooth condiment.
  • Lunch- Steamed rice or white bread along with boiled chicken or turkey dish. Cucumber and tomato salad along with weak tea or plain yoghurt.
  • Dinner- Clear soup, White bread or spaghetti, Eggs or meat stew. Plain chocolate for dessert. Herbal tea or weak coffee.

Stool softeners with breakfast and dinner is recommended by most medical practitioners.

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