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Body For Life Diet

Body for life diet plan is both a weight-loss diet plan and an exercise regimen. The diet part of the body for life diet is simple to follow as it encourages the consumption of 5-6 lighter meals throughput the day. The body for life diet plan primarily stresses on the intake of protein rich food, whole-grains and mono-saturated fats for accomplishing weight loss results. The plan lasts for a period of 12 weeks, wherein the eaters are allowed to take foods like fish and other seafood delicacies, cottage cheese, lean beef, ham, baked potato, sweet potato, white rice and pasta.

Origin of body for life diet
The body for life diet plan came to public’s knowledge in the year 1999. This effective 12 week program was developed by Bill Phillips, a formed body builder and the founder of a dietary supplements manufacturing company, EAS. According to Bill, he had incorporated all his motivational programs and body building principles to develop this dietary program, body for life diet plan.

The life diet plan
Dietary laws governing body for life diet
1. The body for life diet plan strictly restricts the intake of calorie-laden foods like junk food, sweets and more.
2. The body for life diet is divided into 5 meals for consumption on a daily basis.
3. However, besides these 5 meals, the plan strictly restricts the intake of a few additional calories that would add on to the total nutrient intake of the body.
4. The entire body for life diet plan spans for 12 weeks with different acceptable meals and foods.
5. However, throughout the plan, the eater is strongly suggested to drink 10-12 glasses of water on a daily basis.

Diet Routine Based on body for life diet
A basic body for life diet may comprise the foods as follows-
1. Breakfast- scrambled egg, multi-grain toast topped with a teaspoon of butter peanut, apple
2. Lunch- turkey breast, 1-2 slices of whole-grain bread, low fat cottage cheese
3. Dinner- roasted skinless chicken breast, lentil soup, celery sticks, cooked veggies
4. Snacks- green salad with low fat cottage cheese, turkey steaks

The followers of the body for life diet plan must particularly zero-down the intake of sweets, especially prepared from processed sugar. This restriction is applicable to sugar syrups as well.

Health benefits of body for life diet

  • A typical body for life diet plan encourages the constant intake of nutrients, after every certain interval. This elevates the metabolism system of the body and results into consistent weight sheds.
  • The body for life diet essentially keeps the energy level of the body stable.