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Bad Breath Diet

Bad Breath Diet is formulated for getting rid of bad breath or halitosis. Bad dental hygiene as well as the nature of food consumed may give rise to a pungent and foul smelling breath which is embarrassing and uncomfortable especially during social interactions. The condition also occurs as a side effect of certain drugs which also is an indication of an ailment. Proper treatment along with a nutritious diet often helps in overcoming the problem.

This particular diet does not have to do much with weight loss. On the contrary, it helps to improve both general as well as dental health by prior selection of certain groups of food that is beneficial for the body and does not contribute to a malodorous breath.

Bad Breath Diet: Characteristics

The cause of bad breath needs to be ascertained before consuming food and a diet to remove it can be planned. The bacteria within the oral cavity are usually responsible for the condition as they tend to break down food particles emitting a pungent smell as several volatile compounds containing sulfur are produced by their actions. The choice of food usually helps to inhibit bacteria growth thereby helping one to get rid of bad breath. Some of the food items recommended to control the condition include:

  • The antioxidants in green tea help to fight against sulfur compound producing bacteria.
  • Plain yoghurt is also considered to be good for dental hygiene as well as for reducing bad breath.
  • Carrots, apples, peas and celery along with other fruits and vegetables that are crunchy and fiber- rich can get rid of dental plague and bad breath at the same time.
  • Some herbs, mint, parsley, cloves, fennel and cinnamon act as natural form of breath fresheners and can control the problem to an extent.

Illnesses like ketosis may be responsible for bad breath too and it is mandatory to treat the condition in order to eliminate the breath related problem.

Bad Breath: Dietary Restrictions

  • Pungent smelling bulbs like onions and garlic.
  • Dairy products especially cheese and sweetened milk products.
  • Caffeine containing beverages like tea, coffee, cola and cocoa stains the teeth and contributes to a malodorous breath too.
  • Low carbohydrate diets especially the Atkin’s diet has also been linked to the problem.

Bad Breath Diet Plan

A balanced diet which includes all the necessary food groups along with vitamins and minerals can help to solve the problem once for all.

  • Breakfast- Freshly squeezed orange juice, unbuttered whole wheat toast, fresh fruits and herbal tea. Skipping breakfast is one of the primary causes for bad breath.

  • Lunch- Steamed vegetables, green salad comprising crunchy foods without any dressing, Steamed rice or noodles along with cucumber or tomato sandwiches. Yoghurt for dessert.

  • Dinner- Is more or less similar to lunch. Poached salmon or chicken stew cooked with very little onions and garlic is usually recommended.

Raw onion rings or garlic breads and dips are forbidden when on a bad breath diet.