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Attention Deficit Disorder Diet

Attention Deficit Disorder Diet comprises of foods which help to alleviate the symptoms of the disease. The attention deficit disorder is a neurobehavioral developmental disorder commonly observed in children. In short it is known as ADD, ADHD or AD/HD. This psychiatric disorder is most commonly observed in boys than girls. Some of the most commonly observed symptoms of the disease include daydreaming, distraction, lack of mind concentration, anxiety, having difficulty in interpreting information, talking nonstop, impatience, stubbornness, etc. If not attended properly then in rare cases the symptoms also continue through adulthood. According to the health experts nutritional deficiencies and dietary changes play a major role in development of the symptoms.

Attention Deficit Disorder Diet: Foods To Eat
Health experts say a proper attention deficit disorder diet should be developed based on the behavioral patterns observed in a child. And choice of such foods will vary from person to person. Some of the foods or food groups were found to work for sufferers uniquely. They are:

  • Complex Carbohydrates: The carbohydrates serve as a mind tranquilizer because it enhances the level of serotonins in the body which calms the mind. Complex carbohydrates like pasta, potatoes, and whole wheat breads will balance the blood sugar levels. The stabilized blood sugar levels aid in curbing the anxiety and stress.
  • Vitamin B: The vitamin B soothes nervous system. Vitamin B1 boosts memory, B3 produces serotonin the mind tranquilizer, B5 aids in generation of neurotransmitters, B6 alleviates anxiety and B9 aids in balancing the neurotransmitters. Potatoes, avocados, bananas, kefir and legumes are a good source of Vitamin B.
  • Vitamin C: They boost the functions of adrenal gland and play major role in modeling the brain chemistry. Large doses of Vitamin C can have tranquilizing effect on brain, confirm the scientists. Vitamin C is loaded with vital antioxidants that aids in functioning of nervous system.
  • Magnesium and Calcium: These minerals are considered an integral part of attention deficit disorder diet or any other psychiatric diet because they soothe the nervous system. Calcium is known as natural mind tranquilizer whereas the magnesium aids in combating the stress and anxiety. Milk is a good source of calcium.

Attention Deficit Disorder Diet: Foods To Avoid

  • Additives: The kids get easily attracted to colored foods and parents often face hard time in stopping them from eating them. In reality the colored foods are laced with additives like MSG which can trigger the bout of anxiety and alter the brain chemistry. That is why it is highly recommended that kids should be kept away from colored foods as much as possible.
  • Sugar: It robs the body of all vital nutrients and enhances hyperactivity. Kids should be abstained from enjoying energy bars, soy milk, ice creams and all foods laid with artificial sugars.


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