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Appendicitis Diet

An appendicitis diet may be prescribed for patients convalescing after appendectomy or appendix removal surgery. However, it will not be able to prevent the disease.

The appendix is a small finger like protrusion of the intestine that can get blocked with hard feces. This will cause an infection, redness, swelling and pain. The inflamed appendix can burst open necessitating emergency surgery. Appendicitis diets will not be able to prevent the occurance of the condition but a fiber rich diet may decrease the risk of development of the condition. Appendicitis diets are also recommended for patients who are recovering from appendix surgeries.

Characteristics of the Appendicitis Diet for Prevention of Appendicitis

Diet may not be able to prevent the occurrence of the disease but it can decrease the risks of developing the condition.

  • Physicians advise a high fiber diet that is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Water should be consumed regularly. A recommended daily intake of 1-2 liters of water is considered the best for patients.

Appendicitis Diet Guidelines for Acute Appendicitis

If the patient has acute pain in the appendix, then a liquid diet is recommended for two or three days till the pain subsides. Hot water compresses on the affected area are also advised in the form of abdominal packs. Solid food is not advised. Once the symptoms decrease, patients can opt for a glass of milk. The quantity of milk can be increased hourly or as the doctor recommends. Acute appendicitis requires constant supervision by a medical professional.

Appendicitis Diet Guidelines for Convalescing Patients after Appendix Removal

There are no particular guidelines that have to be followed after surgery. However, an increased intake of fresh fruit juices, fruits and vegetables is considered beneficial.