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Anemia Diet

Anemia diet refers to group of food items that increases the count of red blood cells. Anemia is a condition which occurs when the blood lacks of red blood cells or when the blood lacks in hemoglobin. This condition can be inflicted by external factors like alcoholism, external bleeding, hereditary, pregnancy or bleeding problems. Some of the common symptoms of anemia may include fatigue, palpitation, decreased energy, lightheadedness, dizziness, rapid heart rate, cold skin, heart murmur, etc. If the condition worsens then it may also end up in cardiovascular arrest.

The diet rich in iron is generally recommended to curb the severity of the situation. In total, a well-balanced diet comprising necessary vitamins, minerals, and foliates are recommended to improve the condition.

Anemia Diet Program: General Requirements
A diet for curbing anemia should be primarily iron rich and should consist of iron supplements. The iron absorption from food is dependent on many factors. Two types of iron are required for the body: Heme iron and Non-Heme iron. The Heme iron is normally derived from animal sources and it readily assimilates into the body and are readily available. Non-Heme iron is derived from plant and vegetable sources and it is not readily assimilated into the body and is rarely available.

Following foods are mostly recommended to be involved in the Anemia diet:

  • Chicken liver, Oyster, Pork liver, ShrimpSardines and Turkey โ€“ these food products are rich source of Heme iron.
  • Pasta, cooked beans and lentils, baked potato with skin, breakfast cereals โ€“ these food products are rich source of Non-Heme iron.
  • Egg yolk, green leafy vegetables, melon, Brussels sprouts, and wheat germ โ€“ these food products are rich source of folate.
  • Fruits like Orange, Cantaloupe, Strawberries, and beverages like white wine should be consumed because they are the prime iron absorption enhancers.

Anemia Diet Program: Restrictions

  • Pregnant women should abstain from eating livers because they are rich source of Vitamin A and large amounts of Vitamin concentration in the body can be harmful to the baby.
  • Carbonated and Caffeinated beverages, soy products, whole grains, vegetables like chard, sweet potato, rhubarb, beet greens, etc should be avoided because they are iron absorption inhibitors.
  • Canned, smoked and preserved foods should be avoided to the maximum when on the Anemia diet, because they are doused with preservatives which hinder with the iron absorption capacity of the body.