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Alkaline Cancer Diet

Alkaline cancer diet program recommends the consumption of those foods which would help in maintaining optimum level of alkaline pH in the body, hence helping to prevent cancer. Cancer is a deadly disease and therefore by maintaining a proper balance between the acid and alkaline level in the body, the risk of being affected by cancer can be reduced to a great extent. By eating healthy foods as recommended by the cancer diet program, the pH level would be more in favor of alkaline side as against acid level, thus providing protection to an individual from being affected by cancer.

The growth of cancerous cells takes place when there is more acid level in body. Therefore, in order to provide protection to the body from being affected by cancer, it is essential to maintain an alkaline environment which can be very well done by focusing towards intake of alkaline foods. An adjustment in the diet program by creating an environment within the body, which is less hospitable for cancerous cells, would go a long way in enabling a person to live a healthy life.

Features of Alkaline Diet Program

The main features of the diet program are explained below:

  • The alkaline cancer diet program recommends the consumption of some extremely rich acidic foods such as limes and lemons. The interesting fact about these natural foods products is that though they are acidic in nature, yet they have an alkaline impact on an individual’s body.

  • The alkaline diet program lays emphasis on the intake of fresh vegetables and fruits, soy products, and almonds, as these products are good for maintaining optimum alkaline pH level of body.

Alkaline Diet Restrictions

Foods like dairy products, white sugar, meats and white flour have a tremendous acidic impact on body’s pH level, and hence are restricted as per the alkaline cancer diet program.

Alkaline Diet Drawbacks

  • Alkaline diet program suggests avoiding the intake of dairy products in the diet; however, milk which is one of the main dairy products contains vitamin D, which is very good for the healthy development of the bones, but results in growth of cancer cells. This is one of the major drawbacks of the diet program.

  • People suffering from cancer are advised to take protein rich foods; however, as per the alkaline cancer diet program, various protein rich foods (like meat and dairy products) are excluded from the regular diet plan.