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Air Force Diet

Air Force Diet is actually a fad diet that is believed to be a weight loss program like many others but is associated with the Air force in order to add value to it, although there is lack of any clear scientific backing to it. While some describe a three day military diet, others recognize a seven day Russian Air Force Diet.

Features and Benefits of the Air Force Diet

  1. The diet emphasizes consumption of a limited number of foods that are high in protein and complex carbohydrates.
  2. Specific food combinations in definite amounts would initiate the fat burning mechanism in such a manner that one may lose up to 10 pounds within just three days.
  3. Although the duration of the diet may be 3 or 7 days most of the dietary recommendations elicit long-term dietary modifications rather than stopping with the 3 or 7 day diet routine. Some of the guiding principles that need to be followed are-
  • Eliminating high fat foods such as red meat, sugar loaded beverages, fast foods.
  • Encouraging the use of whole wheat breads and whole grain cereals, oats, low-fat dairy products, and superior lean proteins such as lean chicken or fowl, fish and egg whites.
  • Endorsing plenty of vegetable and fruit intake.
  • Exercise on a daily basis must be an integral part of the program.
  • Excluding alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking entirely.
  1. Fat burning is advocated for which an individual’s metabolism must be improved. Simple ways to achieve this would be-
  • Eating a high protein breakfast as a rule.
  • Including healthy proteins in every meal.
  • Regularly exercising for at least 45 minutes to an hour at least 5 times a week. Intensity of the cardio workout may be gradually increased for better results in terms of weight loss, greater stamina and fitness.
  • Drinking plenty of water.
  • Providing the body adequate rest.
  • Small and more frequent meals rather than larger heavy meals.
  1. Such a diet supplies less than 1000 calories per day and can be placed under the very low calorie diet category. It could result in weight loss but adequate dietary restraint may be needed for long term benefits.

Air Force Diet Menu Plan

Day 1:

Breakfast: 1 Black tea/coffee + A slice of brown bread toast with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter + Half a grapefruit

Lunch: A slice of unbuttered brown bread toast + Half a cup of tuna

Dinner: 1 cup string beans + 3 ounces any meat of choice + 1 cup beetroot + 1 small fruit, preferably an apple + 1 cup (100 ml) of vanilla ice cream

Day 2:

Breakfast: 1 Black tea /coffee +A slice of toasted brown bread + an egg + Half a ripe banana

Lunch: One cup low-fat cottage cheese + 5 low-salt crackers

Dinner: One cup broccoli + 2 small frankfurters + Half a cup of carrots + Half a banana + 1/2 cup (50 ml) of vanilla ice cream

Day 3:

Breakfast: 1 Black coffee/tea + 5 low-salt crackers + a slice of low-fat cheddar cheese + a small apple

Lunch: One egg + One brown bread toast (without butter)

Supper: One cup of tuna + One cup cauliflower + One cup beetroot + Half a cantaloupe + 1/2 cup (50 ml) of vanilla ice cream

Thus, based on certain strict principles, the Air Force Diet can promote weight loss which needs to be followed up and maintained with a sensible diet and exercise regime.