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Diet is in terms of food referred to the nutrition. The diet of a human being is measured in terms of the total amount of food consumed in a particular period of time. An individual’s diet depends upon the eating habits and the food culture. Our body needs a balanced diet and any deviation in this would certainly lead to serious health problems. These days’ people are following the trend of quick weight loss and consume less food. This practice disturbs the internal body system and makes the body dull and weak. Dieting is a term that is always taken wrong. Dieting means eating the balanced diet and it should be done under the supervision of an expert dietician.

Types of Diet

• Low-fat diet – In this type of diet fat contents are very less.

• Low-carb diet – This diet includes less of carbohydrates like wheat, flour etc.

• Atkins diet – It is a kind of diet that contains less carbohydrates and more proteins

All these above mentioned diets are developed for a healthy living but should be followed with proper care. It is recommended to ensure that a particular diet is giving some benefit to your body instead of ruining the health.