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A cutlet is a thin slice of meat or vegetables usually coated with fresh crumbs and deep fried. Ever since its origin it has always been a favorite item in the food menu. Cutlets are perfect to be served as hot snacks or appetizers in all occasions and parties. This mouthwatering delicacy can be both a vegetarian as well as a non-vegetarian dish. It can be prepared by stuffing chicken, fish, beef, or simply vegetable mixture of carrots, beans, cauliflower, capsicum and peas. While getting fried, a cutlet spreads the aroma in the entire house thereby making the guests impatient to be served. Delicately seasoned with pepper, salt and herbs like thyme and oregano, these tempting snacks appear little crisp from outside due to the coated breadcrumbs but soggy from within due to the soft filling of cooked meat or vegetables. A popular cutlet recipe is Chicken Cutlet along with Mutton Cutlet, Paneer or Cottage Cheese Cutlet, Vegetable Cutlet. Origin of Cutlet Recipe The word cutlet, termed as côtelette has originated from the French word, costelette which refers to coste rib, side from Latin Costa meaning more at coast. The word was first known to be used in the year 1682. Since them it has found its place in almost all cuisines of the world, be it French, Italian, American, Indian and Russian.

Ingredients and Method of Preparing Cutlets

The basic ingredients of all cutlets include breadcrumbs or corn flour, eggs and oil. The type of the cutlet recipe determines the ingredients required for the filling which can be anything from chicken or lamb to vegetables or cottage cheese. The usual method of preparing a typical cutlet made of chicken involves sautéing minced chicken with onion, garlic and ginger and allowing the chicken to become tender following which it is seasoned with salt and pepper. This mixture is then coated with bread crumbs and eggs and then deep fried in oil.

Variations in Cutlet Dishes

There are countless varieties of cutlets, each one of which can be made different from the other by using different filling. Apart from the usual cutlets made of vegetables like Mixed Vegetable Cutlet, Potato Cutlet, or made of meat like Chicken Cutlet, Fish Cutlet, Beef Cutlet, these popular starters can be made of bread which makes Bread Cutlet and paneer which makes Paneer Cutlet.

Serving Cutlets

A cutlet recipe can be served as a starter or appetizer as well as a snacks item. It is served hot and goes well with crispy potato wafers, finger chips, and semi-steamed vegetables like carrots, peas, beans, cabbage and cauliflower. Sauces made of tomato, chili or mustard along with mayonnaise are often served with a cutlet. It is best complimented with cocktails, mock-tails and soups.

Some Health Facts to Cutlet Recipes

A cutlet due its filling of vegetables or meat does contain some amount of nutrient. However, being deep fried with coated with breadcrumbs, it absorbs a lot of oil which becomes unhealthy for those suffering from obesity or heart problems due to its high calorie and cholesterol content.

Miscellaneous Facts about Cutlet

Some of the most popular restaurants preparing mouthwatering cutlets include Italiano, Little Italy, Flurry’s, Dhaba and Kwality to name just a few. The master chef, Sanjeev Kapoor is greatly appreciated for Indian style cutlet.