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Fruit Custard

Fruit custard is one among the popular after-meal desserts served in almost all the cuisines in the world. With its slight resemblance to fruit salad, a simple fruit custard is a custard containing fruits. However, today there are quite a lot of variations of the dessert tried, both in terms of choice of ingredients and also in the method of cooking adopted.

Preparing Fruit Custards

A typical fruit custard recipe includes certain mandatory ingredients like one or more varieties of fruits, preferably chopped into bite-sized pieces, custard powder, milk, sugar and sometimes cream. Chopped nuts are often used for garnishing. Mostly all fruit custard recipes require the custard to be prepared first, to which sliced or chopped fruits are added and garnished with nuts of choice. The custard used for the preparation may be boiled or may even be microwaved, as per preference.

Fruit Custard Variations

Apart from the normal fruit custards, there are healthy as well as diabetic alternatives. A much healthy fruit custard can be prepared by cutting down or completely doing away with cream and sugar. Normally, if very sweet fruits are used, the dish may completely discard the use of extra sugar and would still taste equally delicious.