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Plain Boiled Custard

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  Milk 3⁄4 Pint
  Thin cream 1⁄8 Pint
  Whole eggs 2
  Egg yolks 2
  Sugar 2 Tablespoon

Put 2 egg yolks with the contents of 2 whole eggs together in a basin and mix to a smooth, but not frothy, consistency.
Arrange a basin over a pan of boiling water, or use a double boiler pan for your ingredients.
Rinse the basin or top part of the boiler with cold water to prevent sticking later.
Put in the 3/4 pint of milk.
Add the thin cream to the eggs in the basin and stir together.
When the milk is boiling, pour it over the egg mixture, add the sugar, and then return all to the top part of the boiler.
Stir until it thickens, making sure that the water boils steadily the while.
When it is thick enough to coat a spoon, remove from heat, and turn it at once into the dish into which it will be served to prevent further cooking.
A custard made this way is extremely light, and can be flavoured by infusing finely cut lemon rind or a bay leaf in the milk as it warms.
Some people prefer to add a few drops of almond or vanilla essence, at this stage, instead.
If vanilla flavoured sugar is used this gives quite enough flavouring to the dish, of course.

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Plain Boiled Custard Recipe