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Turkey Curry

Turkey curry is a dish prepared by adding spices to turkey meat which is generally allowed to simmer in a gravy. The dish cannot be described as Indian although the preparation method is more or less akin to the traditional Indian curries. It is more popular in the West where it has become customary to utilize leftover Turkey meat by currying it.

The curry is usually served with basmati rice and yogurt, while many British curry houses also add a side serving of chutney to it. Soups and salads are also prepared by using the curried form of turkey while adding spices to the leftover roast turkey and converting it into a curry is commonplace during the Thanksgiving weekend.

While the turkey breast is usually favored for making the curry, the meat can also be ground and used in the dish. Although it is not common in India, the dish had evolved as a Christmas recipe during the Victorian Era when curry powder was introduced to Great Britain.

Overview of Turkey Curry Recipes

The traditional British method of cooking the curry involves adding chopped vegetables that include potatoes, broccoli, carrots and celery to hot canola oil and sautéing them before adding curry powder, chicken broth, sugar and salt to it. Pieces of leftover Turkey meat are added to the stock when it starts simmering with coconut milk often being added just before removing the curry from heat.

It is usually served with long grained rice with a salad or yogurt served on the side.

Popular Variations of Turkey Curry Recipes

There are quite a few variations of the curried Turkey that have been popularized over the years. Some of the commonest dishes include:-

  • Vaan Kozhi Milagu Varuval- This is a dry dish of curried Turkey prepared by frying pieces of the meat with a spice mix containing coconut, onions, ginger and garlic added to the usual turmeric and chili powder. It is considered to be a specialty of Chettinad cuisine from the South of India.
  • Curried Turkey Salad- A cold salad prepared with leftover Turkey meat mixed with curry powder, mayonnaise, honey, and ginger. It is usually combined with fresh fruits and berries and served on a bed of lettuce.
  • Turkey Curry Soup- An appetizing soup prepared with curry powder, ginger, Turkey meat and pureed vegetables, boiled together with chicken stock and evaporated milk. The soup is decorated with slices of apples and coconut flakes just before serving.
  • Curried Casserole- This is a baked dish prepared with turkey meat and broccoli spears along with a can of mushroom soup and curry powder. It is topped with broken croutons.
  • Turkey Curry Burgers- A fast food item made with ground turkey meat and curry powder, shaped into patties which are placed in between hamburger buns along with a dressing of yogurt and cucumber along with sliced tomatoes, onion rings and lettuce.


The Turkey Curry Buffet parties are part of post-Christmas celebrations, popularized by the bestselling novel, “Bridget Jone’s Dairy”.