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Mango Curry

Mango curry is a tangy and spicy curry, popular in the Indian subcontinent. The curry is usually prepared with raw green mango, although there are a few recipes that make use of the ripe fruit as well. It is usually served as an accompaniment to fish or meat and has become extremely popular as a supper dish in Great Britain. While the Indians prefer to consume it as a vegetarian food, it is occasionally cooked with chicken or fish as well.

Masala mango tarkari, a form of the curry, is immensely popular in the Caribbean islands where it had been introduced by the Indian laborers working on the sugar plantations. The curried mango is also used as marinades and dips, and its usage as a base for soups or salads is not unheard of either.

The spicy curry is usually prepared with an assortment of traditional Indian spices with freshly grated coconut sprinkled on it before serving. It is served with hot rice and meat or fish based main dishes and can even be consumed as a snack.

Overview of Mango Curry Recipes

The conventional method of cooking mango curry is to peel and slice the hard, green colored unripe fruit, removing its seed. Onions are usually fried in hot oil and a combination of garlic, ginger, chilies, cumin, coriander and coconut paste are added after the onions turn brown. All the ingredients are stir-fried along with turmeric for a few minutes and a cupful of water, along with some jaggery, is added to it. The mango pieces go in after the curry starts bubbling and is cooked over medium heat until the fruit turns tender.

Variations of Mango Curry Recipes

There are numerous forms of eating the curried mango. Some of the most interesting variations, consumed in different parts of the world include:-

  • Pazha Manga Curry- This is a traditional Kerala dish prepared with ripe Nadan mangoes and coconut. It is widely consumed during the hot Indian summers.
  • Amba Maluwa- This is a popular curry of Sri Lankan cuisine prepared with mango pieces marinated in Sri Lankan curry powder and cooked with coconut milk and sugar.
  • Mango Curry Sauce-A British invention that involves blending pieces of mango with onions, chili and curry powder. It is usually served with fish.
  • Mango and Chicken Curry- This is a Thai dish, cooked with chicken breasts, coconut milk and fish sauce apart from green mango strips, all immersed in a red colored gravy.
  • Curry Mango- A typical Trinidad dish made with green mangoes and curry powder, that is flavored with the local pungent herb, chadon beni.


Mango curry is also used as an ingredient for baking exotic breads in UK.