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Besara is a generic term which refers to any curry cooked in mustard paste from the Oriya sub cuisine of the Indian cuisine. Made with a wide variety of vegetables or lentils, this traditional Oriya accompaniment dish for a main course meal is widely eaten by the people of the community. Recipes for Badi besara, Lau Besara, Sajana Chuin Besara, Chaatu besara are some of the most popular ones amongst the native and non-native followers of the Oriya cuisine.

Besara Recipes – Common Ingredients

As noted, Besara is prepared with ingredients of choice though, mustard-paste, remains a mandatory ingredient for all variants of the dish. Freshly ground mustard paste is preferred over the packaged ones that are commenrcially avialble owing to its strong and fresh flavor. Garlic and punch phutana masala are often used in combination with the mustard paste to enhance the flavor of the dish in general. Green chillies, coriander, tamarind, chopped green mango and tomato are the other ingredients with which dish is seasoned. As Besara variations are prepared using special ingredients each variation uses its own special ingredient. For example, Saru Besara is prepared using Saru(Taro) as the special ingredient. Badi Besara gets its name from lentil chunks called Badi/vadi which are prepared by sun-drying a batter of daal. The Lau Besara is ade using Lauki(white gourd) and the Sajna Chuuin Besara is prepared using drumsticks.

Besara Recipes- Popular Method of Preparation

Besara preparations are mostly a stir-fried. The special ingredients are boiled till done and then fried in a bit of oil n which the seasonings like panch phutan masala, garlic and mustard paste, green chillies and turmeric powder are added. Besara, the prime ingredient of the dish is added after this and the food item is finally garnished with coriander or suitable substitutes and the dish is served hot. Serving Suggesions as Per Besara recipes A number of variations of besara are enjoyed hot with a bowl of rice. Coriander is the herb of choice for garnishing the dish. Salads and papads compliment this very tasty curry. Besara preparations are best enjoyed during the cold winter months as mustard is known to heat up the human body.

Variations of Besara Recipes

Interesting variations of the Besara recipes are tried with unconventional ingredients like oyster Mushrooms and broad beans. Fish and vegetables like okra also serve to make the dish differently interesting when prepared using these ingredients. The fish variant of the besara is one that is meant for only a few people who are basically favorable to the aroma of fish which may be labeled by some as a stench. The okra version of the besara tastes best when a bit of yogurt is used as one of the base ingredients. Another version of the besara , made with broad beans can also prove to be a welcome change in comparison to the usual traditional ingredients.

Besara Recipes- Health Facts

Mustard, the core ingredient of besara recipes for curries, with its lung decongestive, laxative, digestive, circulation stimulative and antiseptic attributes is a very healthy ingredient which is known to have not only disease preventive but also curative properties.