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Bean Curry

Bean curry is a savory Asian accompaniment dish made with beans, vegetables and spicy seasonings. The curry may be made with red kidney beans though other beans may also be used.

Preparation of Bean Curry

Soaked and boiled beans are cooked with vegetables and spices. Tomatoes and green chilies may be used. Curry powder, turmeric, curry leaves, salt, chili powder, lime juice and other seasonings may be added to the dish to make it strongly flavorful. The vegetable, green chilies and curry leaves are first sautéed in oil. Cooked tender beans are added with cooking liquid which is usually vegetable stock. Some coconut milk may also be added to thicken the gravy.

Serving Bean Curry

Bean curry is best served with breads and rice.

Popular Bean Curries

Butter bean curry, baked bean curry and creamy bean curry are some popular bean curries.