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  Onion 1 Medium, chopped
  Margarine 3 Ounce
  Curry powder 1 Tablespoon (Leveled)
  Flour 1 Tablespoon (Leveled)
  Water 1⁄4 Pint
  Thyme 1 Teaspoon (Leveled) (Fresh Or Dried)
  Parsley 2 Tablespoon (Leveled) (Fresh Or Dried)
  Lemon juice 1 Teaspoon
  Bananas 5 Large, sliced
  Melon 8 Ounce, peeled and cut in 1-inch cubes
  Brown sugar 1 Tablespoon (Leveled)
  Milk 1⁄4 Pint
  Salt To Taste

1) In a saucepan, heated over a low heat, heat oil and 2 oz. butter or margarine and sauté onion in it for a few minutes.
2) Add in curry powder, flour and water, mixing well and boil to a thick sauce.
3) Tie the herbs loosely in a small piece of muslin and add this with lemon rind to the sauce.
4) Cook the curry sauce again for 10-15 minutes and then remove from heat.
5) In a covered pan, heated over low heat, sauté bananas and melon with lemon juice in the remaining butter, often stirring to avoid sticking.
6) Add in sugar and cooked curry sauce.
7) Take off the herbs and then add in nut milk and seasoning.

8) Take a casserole; pour the sauce into it, keeping warm for 10-15 minutes so that the curry flavours are absorbed by fruit.

9) Serve the curry hot with rice and small dishes of chutney, salted nuts, hard-boiled egg together with a salad of thinly sliced crisp onion and coarsely chopped parsley dressed with an oil and lemon dressing.

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: 
Preparation Time: 
5 Minutes
Cook Time: 
30 Minutes
Ready In: 
35 Minutes

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