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Pineapple Curry Marinade

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  Frozen pineapple juice concentrate 6 Ounce, thawed (1 Can)
  Chopped green pepper 1⁄3 Cup (5.33 tbs)
  Coarsely chopped green onion 1⁄3 Cup (5.33 tbs)
  Soy sauce 1⁄4 Cup (4 tbs)
  Curry powder 1 1⁄2 Teaspoon

In small grill-safe saucepan, combine all ingredients.
Remove cooking grid.
Place saucepan directly on lava rock grate, arranging rocks around pan.
Cook at HIGH with hood open until mixture boils.
Reduce heat to LOW.
Simmer for 1 minute, stirring constantly.
Remove from heat and cool slightly.
Pour over beef, lamb, pork or poultry.
Cover dish or close bag.
Refrigerate for at least 8 hours.

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