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Coffee Cupcake

A coffee cupcake is a small cake with a coffee cream filling or topping, baked in a small aluminum cup or thin paper. It can be light to dark brown in color and can have sprinkles and frosting on it. This cake is often made with coffee powder or extract and, as a result, has a coffee flavor.


The earliest mention of cupcake occurred in 1796 in a book called American Cookery. It has since then gained popularity across the nations. The cupcake trend has increased since the 21st century with more cupcake bakeries opening up. Since then, different types and flavors of cupcakes have evolved, including coffee flavored ones.

Ingredients Used and Method of Preparation

Coffee cupcake is often made with instant espresso powder, flour, eggs, granulated sugar, butter, and baking soda. The espresso syrup that adds to the flavor is made by using corn syrup, sugar, espresso powder, and water.

The following is one of the ways in which a coffee cupcake is prepared:

  • Boiling water, espresso powder, and milk or butter milk are combined.
  • Flour, baking soda, and salt are whisked in a separate bowl.
  • Sugar and butter are mixed well, and eggs are added in, by beating.
  • The flour mixture and the coffee mixture are added alternatively to the above egg mixture.
  • The batter is now spooned into muffin cups with paper liners and baked until done.
  • Coffee syrup made by simmering corn syrup, espresso powder, and sugar. This syrup is then brushed over the cupcakes.
  • The cupcakes are allowed to cool.

Serving and Eating

The coffee cupcake may be served in a cake stand. If the cupcake is covered with paper liners, the paper is removed. The non-edible parts embedded on the cake are also removed. Eating the cupcake may be easier and tastier if the bottom half of the cupcake is removed and placed on top of the icing, resembling a sandwich. This way, the cake and the cream can be eaten together, without a mess.

Popular Variations

Some of the popular variations are fairy cakes, butterfly cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes, vanilla cupcakes, and gourmet cupcakes.

Health and Nutrition Facts

The coffee cupcake contains the nutrition found in its ingredients, namely the coffee powder, eggs, and flour. However, the cupcake may be loaded with calories due to its butter, cream, and egg content. Healthy cupcakes can be made by using low-fat milk or buttermilk. Gluten-free coffee cupcakes can also be made with gluten-free flour and other gluten substitutes.