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Cuban Egg

Cuban egg is popular as breakfast food in Cuba and consists of hardboiled egg filled with sausage meat and cheese stuffing.

Method Of Preparation And Ingredients Used In Cuban Egg Recipe

Cuban egg is made by using hard cooked egg, Cheddar cheese, nonfat milk, seasoning, onion, green pepper, tomato sauce and parsley. The yolk of the hard cooked eggs is taken out in a bowl and whisked. Cheese, milk, butter and seasoning is added and the mixture is blended until smooth. Once done, the yolk space is filled with the mixture. Onions and green peppers are stir fried and tomato sauce is added to the pan. The onion mixture is poured over the eggs and baked. When the eggs are ready, they are garnished with parsley.

Serving Cuban Egg

This tasty egg preparation pairs well with cheese toast. These hot stuffed eggs make an ideal appetizer and are relished during the cold evening with hot beverages like tea and coffee.

Variations In Cuban Eggs Recipe

There are a number of variations in the recipe of Cuban egg. The most popular one is filling the eggs with sausage meat and then combining it with stir fried vegetables. Cooked rice also tastes well when used as the filling for these hard boiled eggs. The eggs can also be fried instead of baking and sometimes the eggs are coated with a flour batter and served as fritters.