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Bourbon Cream

Bourbon cream also referred as Bourbon biscuit or only Bourbon is a variety of sandwich biscuit comprising of chocolate fondant filling that is sandwiched between two rectangular dark chocolate biscuits.

Dunking in tea, coffee or milk is the best way to savor these chocolate flavored biscuits.

History of Bourbon

Introduced in 1910 by Peek Freans, a Bermondsay, London based biscuit company; the Bourbon was originally known by the name of Creola. The French royal house, The House of Bourbon; is said to be the derivative of the present day name of Bourbon cream, though the story behind this derivation is still mystifying.

Bourbon Cream Recipe: Overview

The two chocolate biscuits measuring 3 x 6 cm and roughly 5mm of depth typically made of dark chocolate are used to sandwich the dark chocolate fondant. The fondant is placed on either side of the biscuit and due to its thick texture fondant never spills out from the edges of the biscuits. These biscuits are liked by people of all age-groups and even people have developed various methods to eat them. Here are a few popular methods to enjoy the filling and the biscuits:

  • Traditional method: Gorging on Bourbon as a simple digestive biscuit is the most popular method adopted by people all over the world. Although it suits best for dunking purposes, many Bourbon eaters argued on this fact and developed other methods to savor the Bourbon Cream.
  • Scrape method: This method has been developed by the Bourbon eaters in order to enjoy each and every bit of the biscuit. First, the upper layer of the biscuit is removed that is usually without the fondant. The upper layer is eaten and the fondant present on the lower layer is scraped from the teeth and lastly, the lower biscuit is eaten. It is believed, that if an eater would start eating the Bourbon biscuit with this method he/she would never try the traditional method.
  • Double Whammy method: Eater first eat the upper biscuit layer without touching the inside cream, then comes the bottom biscuit layer that is consumed in a way so that cream remains intact on an irregular oval shape biscuit. The cream on small base of biscuit is then licked until it finishes and a small piece of biscuit is remained. That small piece is consumed in the end with a satisfying sigh.


There are several enthusiasts for Bourbon biscuit all over the world and they have created following descriptions of Bourbon eaters:

  • Bourboneers โ€“ a group of Bourbon fans.
  • Bourber โ€“ a male Bourbon Cream eater.
  • Bourbonette โ€“ a female Bourbon Cream eater.