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Cracker is a type of thin biscuit or wafer that has been baked from dough. Cracker may be plain or flavored. Cracker is served as snack or even used in recipes like cakes or casseroles to add a crispy crust or crunch to the dish. In the US the term cracker is used to refer to a flat biscuit with a salty or savory taste than the cookie that has a sweet taste. Crackers are made by layering the dough and can contain herbs, cheese, spices or even flavored with chicken broth. Cracker like saltine or oyster crackers are often served with soup or along with cocktails. Crackers can be flavored and crackers with cheese as a topping are served as a popular snack.

A cracker is generally flat, small in size, and crisp. Cracker can be of different shapes but most commonly found in square and round shape. A cracker can accompany a soup or salad. It can be eaten as a snack with anything on it but generally goes with butter and cheese.

Ingredients and preparation

Cracker is prepared from ingredients such as refined wheat flour, shortening, baking soda, bakers yeast and salt. It is prepared by sheeting and cutting of dough and baking in the oven.

A cracker is of two types in general -

1. Saltine or Soda Cracker - It is generally square and thin. It has perforation on the surface and is dry and crisp in texture.

2. Cream cracker - It is similar to soda cracker in general but is thicker than soda cracker.

Health and Nutrition Facts

Serving size – 3 crackers (15g)

Approximate Values per serving (Calories - 70 cal, Fat – 2.5 g, Carbohydrates – 10 g, Protein – 1 g, Sugar – 1 g, Sodium – 110 mg,)

Nutritionally Postivie Features of Crackers:

1. Low in calories

2. Zero saturated fats

3. Zero Cholesterol

Who should eat crackers

1. Weight watchers as it has lower amount of calories.

2. Underweight people can also enjoy cracker with butter, cheese, jam, and mayonnaise etc..

3. Pregnant women are generally advised to have saltines.