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How To Clean And Make Snow Crab

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How To Prepare And Clean Snow Crab is mandatory for enjoying homemade crab recipes. While crab is one of the most delicious seafood, the hard fact is that it is too tough to prepare them for cooking. It is important to use the right technique for cleaning and preparing crabs for cooking. So, here we have a step by step guide on How To Prepare And Clean Snow Crab, master this art and enjoy eating crabs!
  Snow crab 3
  Water 250 Milliliter
  Sea salt 1 Tablespoon

Take the biggest pot that you have in your house and fill it water halfway.
Add 1 tbsp of sea salt in it and bring it to boil.
Throw the crabs in and cover the pot with a lid.
Cook at high heat and bring it to boil. Then, bring down the heat below medium and cook for 15 minutes.
Take the crabs out of the water and place them under running water to cook down.
To prepare the crab for cooking, first remove the apron.
Then crack open the body, hold it by the legs on both sides and crack open the shell.
To remove the mouth, grab and break it off. Then pull off the lungs and while doing this place the crab under cold running water to remove any sand or dirt accumulated inside.
For the second half of the shell, hold the legs and separate it from the shell. You can use the tamale if you like or discard it.
Then from the 2nd half remove the mouth and lungs as done in the 1st half.
Use a kitchen shear to cut open the arms and crab will be ready for preparing any dish of your choice.

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