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Edible Holiday Cornflake Wreaths

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Holiday cornflake wreaths are a favorite because they are both attractive and delicious.
  Marshmallows 10 Ounce (1 Bag)
  Butter stick 1
  Cornflakes 6 Cup (96 tbs)
  Green food color 3 Drop
  Red hots 3
  Red string licorice 3
  Non stick spray 1

Begin just like you make Rice Krispie treats but use cornflakes instead : melt butter then marshmallows in a large pot. Then add enough green food color to create a nice leaf color for your wreaths.

Pour in the cornflakes one cup at a time, stirring and coating them thoroughly with the green marshmallow mix.

Turn off the heat and spray a cookie sheet or waxed paper with the non-stick spray.

Also spray your hands with non-stick spray and when the “batter” is cool enough to handle, grab a handful of the cornflake mix and shape it into circle or wreath shapes. Sprinkle with Red Hots and then tie the red licorice strings into bows and press into the wreath.

Work quickly because if the wreath batter cools it’s difficult to work with, but be careful not to burn your hands with the hot "batter". Continually coating your hands with non-stick spray is a great idea. Let each wreath cool completely and they’re ready to eat!

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Edible Holiday Cornflake Wreaths Recipe