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Spaetzle and Pork Chops

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This was too big to fit in the recipe section so here you go - will post the recipe in a comment soon... This is one of my favorite meals. It's very easy to make so give it a try...

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Spaetzle and Pork Chops
Look how Spaetzle and Pork Chops make an exciting combination, you would absolutely love it. Watch the video for this quick and easy recipe that would add an extraspecial touch to your holiday menu. The video displays an amazing technique to make spaetzle that is a must watch!

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The Spätzle maker is so kewl-lucky you to have one much easier than using a strainer/colander with large holes. Yes a spider works great to remove them carefully from the water. They are also great cooked in chicken broth for a soup. Love the carmelized onions with the Spätzle would be great-maybe add a little garlic too. I'll have to try the Spätzle this way, as we just harvest so many gorgeous onions from the garden and hard neck garlic.
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Yes the maker is a big help! I usually use a teaspoon and do them one at a time but never again after using that thing. They come out perfect! I like the thought of them in a soup. I'm going to have to try that one out... I was goofing around last weekend and made them with putting 1.5 teaspoons of curry in the batter and it made an interesting flavor - we were having a leg of lamb and I wanted to do something I hadn't tried before - it was nice...
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it looks okayy!
Spaetzle And Pork Chops Video, Spaetzle And Pork Chops