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Roasted Chicken With Pears Recipe

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i've always loved christopher walken for his professionalism & craft. watching him roasting a chicken & pears all by himself just made me love him even more!! :)

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Roasted Chicken With Pears Recipe
Do you know how to roast a chicken with pears? Want to know about the perfect method and step by step process of roasting the chicken? Watch out the video by actor Christopher Walken, who is telling us how to roast a chicken perfectly with pears.

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He is soooo adorable and sincere!
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The Spanek Roaster rack is fabulous! They make these racks for chickens, cornish game hens, even artichokes. It is a great way to cook and moist tender bird. Denis Spanek is a local guy BTW and introduced this way of cooking chicken almost 30 years ago at the San Francisco Gourmet Food Show. I think he still lives in Saratoga, CA. To read of him Shanti/Mary-Anne
Roasted Chicken With Pears Recipe, Roasted Chicken With Pears Recipe