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How to Make Pastichio

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It wouldn't fit in the recipe section so you're getting it here...

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How To Make Pastichio
Have you ever tried to make Pastichio at home. Here is an elaborate video explaining you everything you need to know to make Pastichio. The video is wonderfully presented along with tips for the perfect recipe. Check it out.....

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So since you are Greek when you going to make Kokoretsi ? Great stuff. We can get local homrone free lamb and remove what is needed for the Kokoretsi and spit roast the lamb over coals and vines. Your Pastitsio looks great-glad you are a tradtionalist and use the 50/50 lean beef and lamb just like yaya. Couldn't tell if you were using mithera or kassari or kefalotiri, but did hear you mention kaskaval-that makes a wonderful spinach pida! So what cheese did you use in the bechamel sauce? Do you grow Kaliteri oregano? We find it the best for Greek cooking. IMHO the video is too long and cluttered-needs to move along much faster!
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I've had Kokoretsi, however it's not so easy to find fresh offal here in Jacksonville. I tried it not too long ago to make Haggis and didn't have much luck. Plus I'd be eating it myself because I'm the only one of my family and friends (that live here) that will eat it. As for the Pastitsio I use either kassari or kefalotiri - depends on what I can find. In this dish I used kefalotiri... I don't grow any of my own herbs - one of my girlfriends does and I have carte blanche to get what I need when I need it - she does an amazing job with them! I'm not sure what kind of oregano she grows but what she does is good...
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If you have access to whole lamb or goat (try a Halal Market) you can obtain all the affal from the animal and others-very fresh. Make the kokoretsi and don't tell them what is in it! Sometimes yaya put it in soups for Easter Eve midnight dinner when we're in the village for Greek/Eastern Easter. The soup is amazing but I don't know the repcipe. I do make the Greek Sausage and Serbian great stuff.
How To Make Pastichio Video, How To Make Pastichio