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Tips to Prepare Hinomaru Bento

Today I made a traditional Japanese meal called Hiromaru Bento.
The Japanese flag is called Hinomaru and a bento is a packed lunch.
To make Hinomaru Bento, first you need a plastic container. Preferably one with cute cartoon characters on it. But you can substitute a plain plastic container like this in a pinch.
Fill the container with rice using an instrument called a shamoji.
In the middle of the rice, place one umeboshi.
Put the lid on the container.
And then wait until lunch time and eat it with chopsticks.

Also Known as: 
Hinomaru Bento
Make traditional Hinomaru bento Japanese meal which serves as best lunch idea for many. You require some simple plastic container and should have basics on how to arrange the dishes. Take a look through this video.

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Tips To Prepare Hinomaru Bento Video, Hinomaru Bento