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How to make Tofu at home?

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Tofu is a simple soymilk product that is used in a number of Tofu Recipes and is a boon for all tofu loving vegetarians out there. Making tofu at home from soymilk is similar to making cottage cheese from milk. Here is how you can make tofu at home!


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Tofu Sandwiches, Tofu Fajita and Tofu Kabobs are few of the tasty tofu dishes that you can prepare at home. To make tofu at home you will need:

Soy Milk


Dampened Cheesecloth



Instructions to make Tofu


    1. Heat the 4 1/2 quarts of Soymilk to 180º C in a heavy bottomed pot, stirring continuously to prevent the bottom from getting scorched.


    2. Add the coagulant. Two tablespoons of Epsum dissolved in a ½ a cup of boiling water.


      3. Stir gently just once and let the milk sit for 10 min.


        4. Separate the soft white curd (tofu) from the amber whey using the dampened cheesecloth lining a sieve.


          5. Wrap the tofu with the free ends of the cheesecloth tightly


            6. Apply pressure on the wrapped tofu by placing a plate on top and then your weights over it. For moist tofu use five pounds and let it stay for 10 minutes


              7. Place your tofu in a container. Fill it with cold water and refrigerate it. Change the water everyday!


                Hint: To get firm dry tofu, press the tofu for 45 mins with 20 pounds. DONOT add extra coagulant.


                8. Fold the ends of the cheesecloth over the top of the tofu to make a tight "package".


                  9. Press with 20 pounds for about 45 minutes. This makes for a VERY firm, dry curd. If you want softer, moister tofu, I'd suggest using about 5 pounds for 10 minutes or so. Your yield (in weight and volume of tofu) would then be higher.


                    Many believe tofu is tasteless, but if you make tofu at home you will realize that fresh tofu has an undeniably subtle taste of cheese. Tofu is best used as soon as it is prepared; though it will keep for a week provided you keep changing the water. Enjoy your fresh tofu with some of these excellent tofu recipes.


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                    How To Make Tofu At Home?