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Make Gyro With Gyro Kit

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I'm glad I tried it because I've wanted to for a while - but I'm not buying another...

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Make Gyro with Gyro Kit
Look out for this super easy way to make some terrific Gyros at home with a wonderful Gyro Kit. Great way pamper your loved ones with homemade Gyros as the kit comes handy with pitas, tzatziki sauce and gyro slices. See the video and you would defintely have a reason to rejoice!

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Too kewl-where is this available, but you wouldn't buy it again says a lot-fresh is best!
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I got it at my local Publix - I tried to find a website for them but didn't have much luck. Everything but the tzatziki sauce was good. If you really want to make your own - got to your local mediterranean spot and buy the meat - they will probably sell you some dang good pita as well - I would suggest always making your own tzatziki sauce because it's easy to do...
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We use imported Fage yogurt or TJ's goat milk yogurt to make both tsatziki and labni! Fortunately pita is available locally at all Indian Markets. Just wish I could get a recip to make Lapinja. You guys know any Bosnians? They seem to be the only ones who know how to make this amazing chewy flat bread.
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I've been looking for a Lapinja recipe in english and I'm not having any luck what-so-ever.