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Betty Vs The Fried Rice Demon

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There are times in life when a woman needs to take action.

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Betty #6: Average Betty Vs. The Fried Rice Demon
If you don't know how to make a simple fried rice and wondering what goes in the making, then this video is here to guide you. Take a look at this video that shares a super easy chicken fried rice recipe that can be prepared in just a few minutes. Check it out...

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khau.khan's picture
r u the karate kid! wow - looks like i should invite you for some karate & cooking sessions !
chefnidhi's picture
That was really good..
Hyde.Ray's picture
hey, thats a cool way of cooking.
sumoanand's picture
haaiya... i like it :)
vikas.kumar's picture
Great fun...very creative...a welcome change from the regular recipe videos. Lets have more of these...HAAIYA!
CookingMyWay's picture
Well done - that's funny...
debu's picture
wow...never thot making fried rice could be as interesting as eating it !!:)
Betty Vs The Fried Rice Demon Video, Betty #6: Average Betty Vs. The Fried Rice Demon