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How To Make Vinaigrette

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Making a professionally acclaimed vinaigrette all at the comfort of your home, is just at your finger tips. Make lovely and scrumptious vinaigrette to bring in lots of taste in your cooking.

Also Known as: 
Wonderful Vinaigrette

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Vinaigrette salad dressing is one of ma favorite, especially with the subtle tangy flavor of vinegar! I have seen that mostly everyone uses olive oil, but is that a norm to use so? Does it help to make the dressing better in anyway?
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Yes the tangy flavor of the vinegar gives the finishing touch to any salad... I too prefer olive oil.. dont know the norms, bt nothing can make such a perfect melange with vinegar..
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I love salads... the dressing is definitely a great factor but I love them plain and raw too. Add a good dressing and I can have a salad for lunch any day... so refreshing!
How To Make Vinaigrette Video, Wonderful Vinaigrette