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Making Pasta And Much More

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Pasta with Veggies in a Cream of Mushroom Sauce


I really haven’t made serious pasta before. It just happened that there wasn’t much left in the kitchen except some pasta and some canned stuff. So I ended up experimenting and making Pasta with a sauce of cream of mushroom.


The fun part was experimenting with the sauce. So basically I heated some butter, added some milk, garlic and pepper (sounds pretty weird) and when the mixture had heated up, I added a whole can of cream of mushroom (Campbell’s). To add a bit of tanginess mix in some Tomato and Basil sauce and kick the whole thing up with some garlic pepped. And then after a while you put in the cooked pasta. That’s it. When you are almost done, toss in some shredded parmesan cheese to make the pasta rich and cheesy.


The whole thing really came out awesome - the cream of mushroom base provided the creaminess and the chopped garlic and tomato paste added a complimentary taste. And lastly the pepper granules provided the right amount of hotness. See below.


Step 1 - Boil water and then throw in the pasta and let it boil

Boiling Pasta

Step 2 - Boil some cut veggies (make sure you have corn)

Boil Cut Veggies

Step 3 - Heat butter and throw in some milk, garlic and tomato sauce.

Pasta Sauce

Step 4 - Mix the boiled veggies with the sauce and then put in the pasta.

Pasta with Veggies in a Cream of Mushroom Sauce

Step 5 - Add the shredded cheese.

Pasta with Veggies in a Cream of Mushroom Sauce

Step 6 - Add more garlic, pepper, stir and serve with some mashed potatoes.


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Wow this looks like a delicious treat and it looks sp quick and easy, just what I would love for a Sunday afternoon. Sunday afternoons for me is the perfect time to chill with something quick and easy ( as I like to spend some time on house cleaning and setting things in order during the day so that I have a smooth week ahead) and catch up on a good movie or just enjoy with family.
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yea - sunday afternoons are fun - i made this on a sunday afternoon too - i guess!
Prezi's picture
Love you for the blog! I am head over heels for pasta salads, preferably minus the veggies and plus the meat ;). Also, i prefer the spiral pasta, it just feels great when i ooze in each piece! In fact, step 6 is the best part I loved, pasta salad never tasted great without garlic and pepper! Thanks a lot
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thanks! next time i am making some, you are invited. get the wine! Bon Appetite!
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Hi Khau Khan , am hosting a baking event on ifood and would be glad if you could bake something for us next and post it. Looking forward to your support to make it a success.
khau.khan's picture
okay, i am a novice who cooks one in a long while and that too random stuff. i will try though - i did make some lasagnain december, which i guess qualifies as a baked dish! you should call this the "Virtual Bake-off" Bon Appetite!
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Hey this pasta looks really good...perfect to cook up a treat on one of those depressing days:-)..feel like doing a little experimenting myself.. thanks for the inspiration!
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Thank you for the reassurance I was looking for. It's Sunday and I have the same can of soup to make a meatball n pasta sauce with. I felt like experimenting by adding it to a homemade marinara sauce for a creamy effect. Needed a little flavorizing but I sure ended up with a tasty dish! I just needed to see what others have tried before I ruined the only sauce components I had.
Making Pasta And Much More