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7 Tips To Deep Fry Meat

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Fried food is always a welcome treat for me. Fried Fish, buffalo wings, fritters…just can’t seem to get enough of them. It can be a real nice comfort food that I like to relax with. Calories might be a concern but there are definitely days when you want to just let that calorie talk out of your head and eat great food. If you do it right, fried food can be good too. Frying food perfectly needs mastering of a few tips and attention to a few details:


1. Choosing the right oil and also knowledge about the right temperatures for frying is the key to have your food fried just right. Use good quality cooking oil. The quality of the oil makes a big difference to your health and so some thought to it is important. You must make sure to use an oil with a high smoking point or else the oil would get burnt easily resulting in all smoke and a smoky bitter taste too.


2. For deep frying, choose a utensil that is deep enough. Pour in enough oil so that your food is completely immersed and gets fried properly on all sides. Saving on some oil maybe an idea that would occur at this stage but don’t go further on that as you would end up with food that is not cooked fully on the insides or lacks the crispy texture.

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3. While pouring oil ensure that you leave enough margin of say an inch or two from the top of the utensil. Be extremely careful while handling hot oil, even a slight distraction could spell disaster in the kitchen.


4. The food to be fried should be free of any water or other liquid or else you would have oil spluttering all over when you put the food in it. Also ensure that while putting the food in for frying you do so slowly and carefully and not just drop it in a hurry. Just dropping it in can lead to hot oil splashing on to you. I prefer to place the food on my ladle and carefully lower it into the oil.

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5. Ensure that the oil is hot enough before adding the food, this is important for frying to the right crispness and cooking without it actually getting burnt. You could test it by putting a small piece of the food into the oil, if it rises up immediately then you can conclude that the oil is hot for starting the frying process. For more precision, you can use a thermometer to get the temperature right.


6. Do not overcrowd. Overcrowding actually results in lowering the oil temperature drastically and then your food would be soggy rather than crisp.


7. You would have to adjust the temperature during the frying process so as to ensure even cooking both inside and on the outside.


Frying is easy and can result in tasty treats. All you need to know is “how to fry” and you can get started on all those tasty recipes you have always wanted to try.


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7 Tips To Deep Fry Meat