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Preparing and Cooking Liver

Liver is edible red offal that comes from domesticated animals. It's an acquired taste and very nutritious. Here some basic cooking tips.

To prepare liver for eating, remove any veins and the thin membrane covering the liver to prevent the flesh from becoming misshapen when cooked. Soak ox, beef and pork liver in milk for 1 - 2 hours in the refrigerator, to reduce the intensity of its flavour; then dry it thoroughly. Liver is best when sliced and quickly cooked, so that it retains a slight pinkness. Overcooked liver will be tough and dry. Tender liver is usually grilled or sautéed and is best cooked in as little fat as possible to avoid increasing its fat content.

Liver is the edible offal taken from domesticated animals. Watch the video to know easy ways to prepare and cook liver.Liver is best cooked in minimum fat possible to make it healthy. However, liver can be the starting point for some great dishes.

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Preparing And Cooking Liver Video