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"How to Make Sushi - The Basics" Cookbook Will Simplify Your Sushi-Making Experience

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The Japan Food Channel has released a Kindle ebook, How to Make Sushi - The Basics, and beginning today, for a limited time, the download will be FREE. This cookbook features sushi recipes that are practical and easy to make at home whether you’ve had prior experience or no experience at all.  This weekend only (9/27-9/30) it is available in the Amazon Kindle store for FREE and will be made available for purchase at $4.99/copy after this limited time promotion.


How to Make Sushi - The Basics features popular, high-quality sushi recipes that are fun, easy to make and have been taste-tested by regular people, just like you! As Mai Ueda, the author, states, “This is the go-to book that breaks down what home chefs need to do step-by-step in the kitchen to make sushi successfully and have a good time while doing it”.


The new eBook is packed with popular sushi recipes such as California Rolls, Spicy Tuna Rolls, and Spicy Sushi Sauce. It also includes delicious recipes for:

• Sushi rice

• Shrimp Tempura Cream Cheese Rolls

• Fatty Tuna Nigiri-Zushi

• And many others!


Mai Ueda was born and raised in Japan, and her family has been living by the ocean for more than 500 years. Fishing and making sushi is part of their way of life going as far back as they can trace the family history. An accomplished home chef herself, the recipes presented in How to Make Sushi - The Basics are based on Mai’s considerable experience in the kitchen.

“We’ve worked really hard to demystify everything in our kitchen and years of how to make sushi workshop sessions are culminated in this book,” Mai said. “We answer all the common questions and keep no secrets from our students”.


To download a FREE copy of How to Make Sushi - The Basics please visit:

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"How To Make Sushi - The Basics" Cookbook Will Simplify Your Sushi-Making Experience