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How To Cook Cabbage In Slow Cooker

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Slow cooker cabbage

One of the most easy and convenient ways to cook up a tasty cabbage dish would be in the slow cooker. What is the big deal, you may ask? After all, you only need to pu everything into the slow cooker and set the time, right? Well, not quite! In slow cooking, a lot of things can go wrong and instead of getting a tender and juicy cabbage dish, you may end up with a tasteless, overcooked gooey mess. So, you want to know how to achieve the perfect slow-cooked cabbage dish? Start with this:



1. Take the required quantity of chopped or sliced cabbage.

2. Put the pieces in a strainer and wash them twice, thoroughly with hands.

3. Set the clean cabbage in the slow cooker over layers of fat or oil and slices of vegetables like onion or tomato or whatever you want to put in with the cabbage.

4. Pour enough water to immerse the ingredients. You may also add salt at this stage.

5. Cook the stew on high heat for about 3 hours or on low heat for 7-8 hours or till the vegetables become tender. You can also leave the things in the pot overnight.

6. If you are adding ham or any other meat, remember to increase the water content so that the flesh also gets cooked properly.


Now, the last tip, take a look at this video:



Do's And Don'ts:

  • If you are using frozen meat/ham, ensure that it is defrosted before putting in the slow cooker.
  • Pour water as required since more water may cause over flowing and less water may lead to undercooking.


Cabbage when cooked using a slow cooker ensures proper cooking and gives a tender and lip-smacking dish which you may relish for a long duration.



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How To Cook Cabbage In Slow Cooker