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How To Cook Ham In Slow Cooker

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Ham in slow cookerCooking in a slow cooker is one of the best ways to cook ham. It helps in preparing a final product which would be more tender, succulent and tastier than those obtained by any other cooking method. Slow cooking is also convenient and ensures proper cooking of hams. Trail down this blog and learn the steps that need to be followed for cooking ham in a slow cooker.




Things Required:

  • Raw/cured ham
  • Strainer
  • Water
  • A slow cooker


  • Take the required quantity of ham either as a whole or as pieces.
  • Put the portions in a strainer and wash them twice with hands.
  • Place the cleaned ham in the slow cooker on layers of fat or oil and slices of vegetables like onion or tomato.
  • Pour adequate water (if required salt) and ensure that the ingredients get immersed completely.
  • If the crock-Pot is in a high setting cook for at least 4 hours and if it is in a low setting cook for at least 9-10 hours.

Watch out a video on how to cook a recipe using ham in a slow cooker.



Tips For Slow Cooking Ham:

  • Pour water as required since more water may cause over flowing and less water may lead to undercooking.
  • Adding whole spices like cloves to the recipe would enhance the taste of the dish.


Now start trying out exciting new recipes with ham and enjoy the yummy taste of slow cooked ones.


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How To Cook Ham In Slow Cooker