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How To Cook Chili In Slow Cooker

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Chili in slow cookerCooking chili in crockpot/slow cooker is an  easy and feasible method. Just toss everything into the crockpot and wait. Slow cooking ensures adequate cooking of the major ingredients like meat, beans and other vegetables which are being cooked along with the chili and is very convenient as a method too. Learn the right procedure for getting a yummy hili by reading on.




Things Required:

  • Raw meat/vegetables/beans
  • Chili
  • Strainer
  • Water
  • A slow cooker


  • Take the required quantity of major ingredients either as a whole or as pieces.
  • Put the portions/pieces/beans in a strainer and wash them twice with hands.
  • Set the clean ingredients in the slow cooker on layers of fat or oil and slices of vegetables like onion or tomato.
  • Pour adequate water (if required salt) so that the ingredients get immersed.
  • For about 3hrs heat the chicken in slow cooker on high until it becomes tender.
  • If the crock-Pot is in a high setting cook for at least 4 hours and if it is in a low setting cook for at least 7-8 hours(you can leave it on for as long as overnight).

Take a look at the video about cooking chili recipe in slow cooker.


Do's And Don'ts:

  • If you are using frozen meat, ensure that it is defrosted before putting in the slow cooker.
  • Pour water as required since more water may cause over flowing and less water may lead to undercooking.


Ingredients with chili, when cooked in a slow cooker turn tender, succulent and cooked through and through. Try the exciting new recipes with chili and enjoy the yummy taste of slow cooked chili dishes.


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How To Cook Chili In Slow Cooker