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How To Cook Turkey In Slow Cooker

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Turkey in slow cookerThe method of a slow cooking turkey is really alluring. If you leave it to cook for a very long time (may be overnight) on low heat, you finally end up with a moist, tender, succulent, and yummy turkey. Turkey breast instead of the whole turkey tastes best, when it comes to cooking using a slow cooker or a crockpot. Trail down to learn the procedure involved.




Things Required:

  • Raw turkey (preferably breast)
  • Strainer
  • Water
  • A slow cooker



  • Take the required quantity of turkey either as a whole or as specific parts/pieces.
  • Clean and remove the inedible parts of the turkey.
  • Put the portions in a strainer and wash them twice with hands.
  • Set the clean turkey in the slow cooker above a layer of fat or oil and any other ingredient of the recipe (veggies if any)
  • Pour adequate water (add salt if required) and immerse the turkey in it. Always use 3-4 times the volume of water to the turkey.
  • If the setting is high cook for about 3-5 hrs and if the setting is low cook for about 8 hrs until it becomes tender at 180 degree temperature.

Watch the video below to know the procedure to cook turkey using slow cooker.


Do's And Don'ts:

  • If you are using frozen turkey, ensure that it is defrosted and thawed before putting in the slow cooker.
  • Pour water as required since more water may cause over flowing and less water may lead to undercooking.


So make your Thanksgiving or Christmas celebration remarkable, with lip-smacking turkey dishes using the slow cooker.


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How To Cook Turkey In Slow Cooker