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Spaghetti Recipes 3 Of My Favorite Spaghetti Recipes

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spaghettiWho doen't like spaghetti? I can't think of anyone in the world that does not like spaghetti.I eat some kind of spaghetti dish at least twice a week and I have hundreds of pasta recipes at my disposal so that I am never bored and I don't need to make the same dish twice unless I really want to!I don't really like my spaghetti dishes to get to complicated and most Italian spaghetti dishes are faily simple to make and yet are considered to be classic pasta dishes. Some of my favorite and simple spaghetti dishes to make are as follows.

Pasta With Clams: I mean the name says it all! Pasta Con Le Vongole! This has got to be the easiest seafood pasta dish in the world to make but it is also a classic dish of spaghetti. In New York where I come from this is an all time favorite and there are many ways to make it. With or without hot pepper, with or without cheese, with this and with that it is one of the most versatile spaghetti dishes around and one of my favorites!

Pasta Alfredo: How can one not love Alfredo pasta? All that cream and Parmigiano Regiano cheese! Yum! It is traditionally made with Fettucine pasta but you can make it with any pasta that you like and it will work out just fine! There is white Alfredo which is the classic but, I make it with a little red sauce in it at times and then I add black olives. It is not traditional to do that but it is real good!

Pasta Pomidoro: Pasta Al Filetto Di Pomodori or in other words spaghetti with heart of tomato. The key to this favorite of mine is that the tomatos have to be blanched and then peeled and then seeded before they are chopped up and made into the pomidoro sauce. This is such and easy and tasty spaghetti dish and I have this at least twice a month. It has lots of olive oil and garlic and oregano and basil it is do fragrant and delicious that I think I am going to make it tonight!

Not to long ago I found out that in Japan they have a couple of Italian influenced spaghetti dishes that the Japanese just love to eat! Now I am not talking about Japanese Udon noodles or Soba noodles that are used to make and Italian styled dish. I am talking about the Japanese using regular Italian spaghetti to make a heavily Italian influenced pasta dish. This dish is made with a butter cream sauce? What? Butter cream sauce? When in your entire life have you heard of the Japanese eating a pasta dish made with a butter cream sauce? Well guess what? They do! It is called Tarako Spaghetti! Tarako is made with Italian pasta, heavy cream and butter and then there is a secret ingredient that they add to it to give it it's unique flavor and texture. If you would like to learn how to make Tarako Japanese Spaghetti then please visit my blog at: Today!


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Spaghetti Recipes 3 Of My Favorite Spaghetti Recipes