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Tips To Make Homemade Crunch Bars

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Delicious homemade crunchWe all have tasted crunch bars at some time or the other and cannot deny its addiction. These are chocolaty delights with a slight crunch that makes them even more delicious. Preparing these  bars at home is easy and if you master it really well, you can use them as perfect Christmas gifts paired with some other varieties of candies and cakes.


Making Crunch bars at home - Tips:



You have to be sure about the ingredients you will need - hundreds of recipes and websites often jot down ingredients and they all differ. So, when looking for crunch bar recipes, ensure that you check a reliable website. Not only this ensure that all ingredients used are measured properly. If there is a slight mis-match or wrong quantity used, the bars will not turn out as you desire them to be.Chewy and crunchy bars


To Melt chocolate :

In a large bowl you have to melt chocolate. You have to be very careful in this step and be aware that you do not overheat and burn the chocolate. Stirring is crucial so that the chocolate melts properly and does not stick to the pan.


Using parchment paper:

This shouldn't be missed though using this paper might not always seem to be quite necessary. If you use this paper and then refrigerate, it will be easy for you to bring out the firm chocolate from the tray or else you might get broken pieces and untidy bits of bar.Crunchy bars before being baked


Keep the chocolate tray to get firm in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours. Check if the chocolate is firm or else put it back into the refrigerator. If the chocolate does not freeze well, it will not get firm and cutting it will be really difficult. Moreover, it will be almost impossible to get neat chocolate squares and bars.

Completely erady crunchy bars

Now, with this last step you will be almost done. Just use a very sharp knife to cut the chocolate into squares. Store these crunch bars in the refrigerator and serve whenever you feel like biting into them.


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Tips To Make Homemade Crunch Bars